Send Address

send address book
Send anonymous emails from any email address to any email address.
Vnc Address Book
Utility for saving remote VNC server details as bookmarks.
Vnc Address Book
GiSOFT Address is a very nice lightweight address manager.
Guy De Vos

Send Address

Bassline WinPopUp
Rich featured Winpopup replacer. It lets you send a message to multiple recipients. Send Email, File......
Bassline Software
Utility tool that changes a MAC Address of network adapter.
html bulk email
HTML Bulk Email create HTML Email and bulk send email to the address list files with multiple thread......
Email Marketing Inc
New Address Book
New Address Book
Voice Mail Compressor
With Voice mail Compressor you can send voice email messages to anyone with an e-mail address.
With Owl550 you send an email indicating that your address does not exist.
Helianthis Arkechene
Internet Email Address Extractor (C:Program FilesInternet Email Address Extractor)
Solution Software Logic Inc.
My Little Address Book
A 32 Bit Address book and phone dialer for Windows 95 and NT. Its quite simple,and very easy to inst......
PM Enterprises
Surveys and Data Collection by Email or Web - EForms. Also publishes web reports. Send an EForm to a......
Small utility that allow you to send your files by means of email directly from Wind...
P&S Group.

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Send Address

Change MAC Address
Powerful MAC address spoofing program.
Outlook Integreated Mass Mailer
Write One E-Mail and Send Custom E-Mails to Everybody in Your Address Book.
Adrenlinerush Network
It allows you to send emails easily and quickly with your Gmail address.
Ctenchsoft - Envelope Printer
It helps you print the Return and Delivery information for your envelopes.
Full customize address book
Address management program.
The Royal Software
Address of IP Address
A Chrome addon that can find the location of an IP address.
Send to Maps
Chrome extension to send a selected address to Google Maps.
Access violation at address 0069529E in module Floopaloo.exe. Read of Address 800D91DA. - T-fal BI6625 Legacy Support
Access violation at address 007B7538 in module Floopaloo.exe. Read of address 014FAD9C. - Sharp IG-CC15 Legacy Support