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SMS Free Sender
It's an application to send SMS to mobile phones.
SMS Free Sender
It can send single SMS or entire contact lists with one click.
Agile Telecom Srl
Send / receive SMS, SMS-chat with your computer connected to your cell phone.

Send SMS Bomb from

SMS Server
GSM Phone or IP SMSC-to-PC Enterprise SMS Server to send & receive messages.
SMS Server software
Management-Ware Bulk SMS From PC
Bulk SMS From PC : manage and send messages from your computer to cell phones.
Management-Ware Solutions Inc.
Headwind GSM Modem Driver
Connect to any GSM modem or mobile phone, send and receive SMS and Push messages.
LiteMobile Software
Bulk SMS sending software through GSM Device.
Desktop SMS Software
It enables you to send out SMS from your computer to mobile phones.
SMSCountry Networks Pvt Ltd
Send SMS (Text, pictures, ringtones) to a mobile phone.
MAW Software Ltd.
ADC - Bulks SMS
It allows you to send and receive any number of SMS.
Ashtech Digital Concepts
Diafaan SMS Server
Send and receive SMS text messages from/to a web browser, web server, etc.
Diafaan communication software
DRPU Bulk SMS (Professional)
It is designed to send bulk customized text messages.
DRPU Software Pvt. Ltd.
Bonrix SMS Manager 4 Odin Trade
Order and Trade confirmation SMS Software.
Bonrix SMS Manager 4 Odin Trade

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Send SMS Bomb from

Advance Bulk SMS Sender
An app to send SMS in BULK for thousands of Mobile Phones from your PC.
Advance Bulk SMS Sender
Send Bulk SMS
Is a software for send SMS to an individual Mobile or a list of Mobile Numbers.
It is designed to send free SMS from your Windows OS to any mobile in India.
Black Star Corp.
SMS Frenzy Professional
With this software you can connect your pc to your mobile phone.
Varsha Softline
DRPU Bulk SMS - Android Mobile Phones
This app is capable to compose and send bulk sms from PC to other mobile phones.
DRPU Software Pvt. Ltd.
DRPU Bulk SMS (Multi-Device Edition)
DRPU Bulk SMS provides an effective solution to send mass text messages.
DRPU Software Pvt. Ltd.
Ozeki NG SMS Gateway
Send SMS messages using your PC.
Ozeki Informatics Ltd.
Multiple Phone Bulk SMS Sender
Multiple Sms Sender is a software to send SMSs to thousands of Mobile Numbers.
Bulk SMS Sender by LantechSoft
Bulk SMS Sender can send SMS in bulk for thousands of phones from your PC.
Lantech Soft
Mulitple Phone Bulk SMS Sender
This app allows you to send SMS to thousands of mobile numbers from PC.
TechnoCom Solutions